Filaform Black V3 PLA filament 1kg roll



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Filaform Select PLA V3
Fully compatible with enclosed 3D printers such as UP and Zortrax
More than just PLA+
Filaform Select V3, now has anti-clog technology for exceptional reliability and quality.
Many popular 3D printers have been designed to print ABS well, however due to heat break design and the use of enclosures, can suffer from heat creep when using PLA. Filaform Select V3 has an initial softening temperature of over 100C which means it transitions quickly from solid to liquid, completely eliminating air printing due to heat break clogs.
Filaform Select V3 is now also stronger and more ductile than before, mimicking the characteristics of ABS, and in some cases exeeding it!
Filaform Select V3 is packaged in resealable bags so you can store your filament when not in use. We have also kept the clear spool design so you can easily check how much filament is remaining.


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