Wanhao D10 Mark 1....Stylish entry level printer.



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The latest edition to the ever growing Wanhao range of 3D printers is now available! The very sleek and stylish D10 will look the part at home on the bench or at school in the class room. It is a basic entry level printer for the novice or budding young designer.It comes with touch screen controls, MK12 extruder and the revolutionary honeycomb print bed. This bed is easily detached at the end of the printing process. It is flexible allowing the user to detach the print from the bed with ease. The honeycomb surface provides great adhesion for your prints ensuring high quality results


Build volume; 116mm x 116mm x 125mm

Machine Type Wanhao Duplicator 10 3D Printer

Extruder System MK12 extruder 

Max Printing Speed 70 mm/s

Print Precision 0.1 mm (minimal) 

Software CURA, host by Repetier, Simplify 3D

Extruder Diameter 0.4 mm

Platform Plastic platform without heating

Positioning Accuracy z 0.004 mm, xy 0.012 mm

LCD Display English/ Customizable for any language 

Certification FCC, CE, CB

Layer Thickness 100 micron - 400 micron 

Net Weight 4kg

Rail Locking System Steel bolt locking frame

Package Size 385 x 435 x 400 mm

Material Support PLA, 1.75mm

System required Windows 7, linux and Mac ox 

Power Supply Unit AC adapter 110 AND 250V (auto switch), 50/60Hz, 0.95/0.56A (input), uses standard IEC cable 

Typical Application A perfect printer for educators who intend to use the printers in technical education.

Currently being shipped directly from the Wanhao factory in China.

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