Wanhao Classic PLA 1.75 filament 1KG rolls



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Wanhao Classic PLA filament. RUN OUT STOCK.....NO RETURNS OR REFUNDS.

 Has a +/- tolerance of 0.05mm Density: 1.31 g/cc. Prints at temps between 180c and 220c. Almost no warping or shrinkage. Has a pleasant sweet smell while printing and doesn't give off any harmful fumes. Doesn't require an enclosed cabinet style printer. Manufactured to satisfy the needs of the complete newby printing enthusiast right through to the seasoned pro. 24 amazing colours to choose from.

1.75mm Dia.

 1KG rolls

Spool dimensions; Outer Dia. 200mm, Width 60mm, Hub Dia. 32mm

SKU: 10113-20

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