Wanhao Boxman curing station



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The Boxman speeds up the curing process for Jewelry makers and resin printing modelmakers. The WANHAO curing box, comes with LCD touch screen controls, and hinged door. It protects the user from ultraviolet radiation during the curing process. The yellow acrylic screen protects the users' eyes while looking at the model being cured.( Please do not watch it for a long period of time).The inner wall structure of the curing box and the optimized reflector ensure the curing process. The curing box is equipped with four fans, which disperse heat and keep the curing environment constant.

The UV device outputs steady, focused and consistent UV light to cure the prints printed with photopolymer resins in an accelerated period. The post curing process increases the hardness and durability of the printed products.

Safety Guidelines

- Read and follow all instructions.

• Follow all safety rules in this section and heed all cautions and warnings in this guide

• Do not attempt to open the chamber door while a part job is running

• Do not use any material without first reviewing its Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

• Dress power and communication cables at the back of the ProCure UV Chamber to prevent tripping.

• Do not attempt to access, service, or adjust the internal machine components.

• Do not use this equipment in a manner that is not specified by the manufacturer

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