* Hi Troy, just a quick note to tell you the printer turned up last week and is working great, thanks for the great service. I'll will recommend you to anyone who is looking for 3D printing gear. Cheers Leigh Adnams

* I bought a CreateBot Max with Dual Extruder and Heat Bed in early June. It was not on the website at the time, but Troy was able to price it up and order it for me. Troy kept me updated of when he had placed the order, when it was shipped and the tracking number.

The printer arrived a couple of weeks later well boxed with no evidence it had a hard trip in the courier. It took a good 90 minutes to unbox and fit the side covers and door. Included in the box was all the allen keys that are required for the printer, a pair of tweezers for grabbing dangling plastic as the printer starts, a scraper to get the print off the printbed, and two 1kg rolls of PLA filament
Setup was basically painless and consisted of levelling the bed.

I had recently used a friends identical printer, so navigating the menus was familiar. My new printer worked straight out of the box, aside from having a bit of trouble getting the prints to stay attached to the bed (reduce the bed clearance and use a glue stick on the heatbed). The first print was a 20 x 20 x 10mm box which I measured with verniers to be within 0.1 of a millimeter on the long dimensions (0.5%).

I have only been printing with ABS and I have been really happy with the results, as shown in the picture below. The pink gears were the second items I printed and they mesh beautifully, the bearing block and dolphin have been vapor smoothed with acetone to see how it changed the print.

The only downside I can find it the power supply fan is quite loud, but it now lives in the garage, which is probably where melting plastic should occur.

Overall, I am very happy with my purchase, thanks Troy for making it so easy.

Dave Baker's photo.

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