Mingda Magician Pro, Auto leveling, huge build space.



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The Mingda Magician Pro is the big daddy of the Magician series of printers from Mingda. It once again sports the awesome features of the "X" and the Max models but gives the user a massive 400mm x 400mm x 400mm build area to create in. Something that doesn't get mentioned is the ability of the Magician series printers to heat the build plate up to 110deg, very handy when printing with ABS, Nylon ASA etc. The direct drive extruder with its dual gears is fantastic for TPU and other flexible filaments. The Auto leveling takes the guesswork out of getting the build plate level. Team that up with it being very quiet, filament run out detection, super sturdy construction, power resume and so on and so on! This printer will become your workshop's work horse!

All orders for this printer will be shipped from the Mingda warehouse in Sydney

Technical Specifications

● Print size: 40×40×40cm (15.7"×15.7"×15.7")

● Calibration: Self-developed Automatic Leveling, 36 Points

● Filament diameter: 1.75 mm

● Printing material: PLA / ABS / PETG & TPU

● Nozzle size: 0.4mm default, wide range of other nozzles supported

● Extruder: Direct Drive, Double Gears

● Filament run-out detection: Support

● Resume Printing: Support●

 Tool Box: Yes

● Max nozzle temperature: 260 °C/500 °F

● Max heated bed temperature: 110 °C/230 °F

● Average speed: 8-10 cm/s,3.1-3.9in./s

● Control panel: 3.5 inch colorful LCD touch screen

● Print interface: SD Card, U Disk, USB-C

● Z-axis: Double threaded rod with synchronous belt

● Machine Weight: 14.5kg

● Machine Dimension: 65x58.6x67.5cm / 25.5*23.0*26.5in(X×Y×Z)

SKU: 10000-95

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